Long Island Bathroom Remodeling

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A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home and although it should be a relaxing sanctuary, it oftentimes remains a neglected space. A beautiful bathroom adds value and beauty to an otherwise overlooked area. You may need a bathroom expansion or a complete relocation of fixtures and plumbing. From complete remodels to minor repairs, we handle it all.

The most comprehensive way to get the exact bathroom you want is with a complete remodel. With this plan, we completely remove the entire contents of your bathroom; right down to the framing studs. Prior to starting, we design a plan based on the space available, your budget constraints and the desired end result. We also repair any wet wood damage or insect damage, because carpenter ants and termites are attracted to damp, warm wood. We repair and reinforce all the framing and sub-flooring as needed, repair and replace any plumbing or wiring which needs updating and systematically install each new element of your bathroom.

Many homeowners have repairs that they have simply dealt with for years in their bathrooms. There may be dripping water, not enough water flow, too hot, too cold, loose shower tiles, bad grout or an unsafe design for the elderly. You may require grab bars and safety features which make your bathing area easier and safer to use. Your toilet may not flush correctly, no matter how many times you’ve called the plumber to fix it, or your flooring might be unsafe or incredibly worn-down. The water and humidity in a bathroom can really take a toll on the sub-floor or tile. Mold is also an issue that many homeowners embarrassingly face. We can remedy virtually any bathroom mold problem. This is usually caused by poor ventilation. We can install any fans or duct work needed to mitigate and eliminate the problem of excess moisture.

If you’re suspicious about the condition of your bathroom, give us a call. Whatever the issue, we can help. Sometimes, the only thing a bathroom needs is a new vanity or sink and a fresh coat of paint. If your budget is limited, or if you just want to make some minor bathroom updates, we still want to hear from you. If you have questions and you’d like to talk to a bathroom expert, please call us at your earliest convenience.